Khanad Department is the interior design service providing company with the extensive experience of 20+ years in interior design, perceived through the architectural intellect of the expert interior design and company’s founder, Mr. Suthin Pookchop. With his educational background in fine arts, the forthright degree in decorative arts and over 2 decades of interior design background, Khanad Department has been developed as the final product of architectural intelligence and wisdom. The central foresight of the company is to formulate the design with the highest interest in the practicality of living, where the emphasis is put on utilizable ratios and functionality, primarily that of residences. Subsequent to its launch in 2016, Khanad Department has consistently broadened its collaboration with various namely companies, the services of which include Residence, Hotel & Resort, Office, Retail.


We aim to be your confidant in interior design with the primary intention of making clever uses of available spaces while focusing on each request of our customers attentively so as to meet their unique desires and vividly illustrate their conceived pictures of the finished projects to initially reinforce accurate conceptual coordination on both ends. Additionally, With respect to our expertise in fine arts, our supplementary principal is the attempt to incorporate art forms in our customers’ projects to complete the overall aesthetics of the projects and revive dull spaces.

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- Retail: OSHINEI
Bringing Japan to the to the capital city of Laos and Surin, OSHINEI was one of the most riveting asset in Khanad Department’s history. Khanad Department captures the essence of Japanese serenity within the designated space to illustrate the Zen experience through the eyes the passersby. Our production includes interior and exterior designs of the restaurants.


- Retail: Pang Siam
Pang Siam: one of Khanad Department’s proudest proposed designs. The antique blend of retro Thai elegance fused with the soft blend of modernism, formulating the complete pronounced aesthetic of Pang Siam. Our production covers branding, interior and exterior design for their pop-up restaurant.

- Retail: The moment bar
The Moment Bar, the neon-fueled station in the middle of the district that never sleeps, has trusted Khanad Department to revive their vibrant and energetic communal space, the production of which includes interior  and exterior designs of their pop-up bar.


- Retail: Carbu Café & Restaurant
Carbu Café & Restaurant, the go-to café infused with the love of coffee in the central bistro area of Nonthaburi, has trusted Khanad Department to work on their robust exterior and interior designs of their pop-up restaurant.

- Residence: Khun Keng’s Residence
Khanad Department was gratefully in charge of successfully concluding the interior design for one of our highly respected customer, Khun Keng’s Residence, the details of which are inclusive of living area, master bedroom, walk in closets, and pantry areas