Residences are one of the most vital spaces in human’s lives. Most of our lifetimes are spent at home or, at least, longing for the cozy moments only homes can be after a long tiring day out. Every person has their exclusive vision of the ideal space they can comfortably unwind and let loose– and thus, Khanad Department pledges to illustrate your picturesque cribs and make it your realized wild fantasy, the procedures of which demands the closest attention towards the needs of our customers. This is typically achieved through interviews, providing Khanad Department team with the information beneficial to the mutual understanding of the envisioned picture on both ends. To add up, the information received through interviews also reveals the diverse sets of our customers’ personalities, which is one the main components to be integrated into the production of the residences. On this detail, not only would the residences meet the central motifs of their owners, but ones can surely sense their owner’s personas radiated through the atmosphere by means of the designs of their homes. Homes are lifelong investments and the interior design is, likewise, the plan for the future. Aside from tailoring the spaces to our customers’ desires, Khanad Department also encourages our customers to put their futures into consideration and design their paths of the future. For instance, if one were to expect a child, there should be spaces available to accommodate extra family member(s) comfortably. Ultimately, like all of our services including Residence, Hotel & Resort, Office Space, and Retail, Khanad Department consistently introduces fine arts to all of our customers' projects. With residences especially, Khanad Department provides advisory service regarding the decorations so as to further complete and enhance the aesthetics of such well thought out projects.