Rooftop Bar

We provide interior design services for hotels and resorts by giving respect to the harmony with the initial intention introduced by the proprietors, preserving their original brand identities and unifying the core motif of our customer's hotels and resorts businesses. With regard to our primary principle to maximize the spaces of their full functionality, Khanad Department directs attention to reviving dead spaces within the properties through the art of "zoning". In this respect, every corner of your space serves its unique function, which will accommodate the diverse needs of the hotel and resort guests appropriately. This is especially advantageous in the area of amenities such as hotels and resorts since one of the key guest satisfactory factors counts upon the all-inclusive services. We observe and study thoroughly to ensure that our designs truly create the unique spaces that provide exclusive utilities while regarding the aesthetical and functional coherence of the spaces. Adding up to this, like every of our design, inclusive of Residence, Hotel & Resort, Office Space, and Retail, we incorporate our hotel and resort interior designs with our expertise in fine arts. It is our intention to treat our design as though it is the galleries of art exhibitions, attracting the eyes of admiration from the guests. Most importantly, because we believe that hotels are just like residences, every detail is thus neatly crafted to perfectly simulate those tranquil qualities embodied by serene homes– and most importantly, it should be the spaces which evoke ones to sense the inclination of returning.