Retail Store

Works can be a burden or a blessing. This is defined by the aspects of the working lifestyles ones are surrounded by – you can indulge yourself with the everlasting ambition or be confined with the space of never-ending mental labor. The working spaces also play the role in dictating one's attitude towards their working lives, which in turn presents through the final product of their works. Khanad Department is well aware of such concern and is more than happy to be the support to guide our customers through the most well-rounded solutions only the best business strive to occupy. In the initial process of our works, the design is carried out in much the same manner as the residences. By doing so, we create seamless transitions between leisure and work, while letting in the atmospheric tranquility throughout your working hours. We also focus on working in correspondence with the ultimatum of our customers’ desires without the negligence to the operating condition of each unique work, the analysis of which is carried out through the copious investigation of each building and its surrounded environment. This is guaranteed to significantly improve the work ethic of your businesses while preserving the principal motif of each business set by its proprietors. Similar to the Hotel & Resort, we craft our design through the art of zoning, giving each space its unique functionality and being all-inclusive in terms of their staff members’ accommodations and the availability of the operating team. The integration of identity, alteration, and segmentation is the main key components towards the success of the businesses yearning to take every modest investment into account, which will soon contribute to the ultimate success of their fundamental steps.